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180VR 3D
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This is my first attempt at making a 180VR 3D video using two Samsung Gear 360 (2017) cameras. I followed … Read More

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park
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Going through all my photos I came across some very old 360 shots I had not stitched for some reason. … Read More

Woodlands Tinyplanet
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Here is a tinyplanet made from the Woodlands photosphere.

Drone Photosphere – Woodlands
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Went out to the Woodlands today and shot a photosphere from 400 feet up using the Mavic Pro drone. The … Read More

4 million views on Google Maps
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I now have gotten over 4 million views on all the photos and photospheres I have placed on Google Maps. … Read More

Pier 21
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Went out to Pier 21 in Galveston, Tx today, such nice weather and shot some photospheres and created some tiny … Read More

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